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Apr 1949-15 Dec 2011

Just watching Jennifer Byrne's interview with Christopher Hitchens on ABC 1 and noted the dates in memorium at the end of the credits.
During the interview, Jennifer seemed to become quite indignant about his view regarding working mothers.  He preferred 'his women' not to work.  In my humble experience, I've found this attitude prevalent in men of his age and a comment on their view of manhood perpetuated at the hands of their own fathers.  To conclude the interview, Jennifer recapped that she had been talking to the 'sexist Christopher Hitchens'.  I feel that besides being an insulting remark, it was totally unprofessional.
He was entitled to his own opinion.  

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Phoebe Snow dies aged 60

17 Jul 1950 - 26 Apr 2011

"Phoebe Snow, singer and songwriter, gained fame in 1974 with her self-titled album that featured her hit single "Poetry Man," died on Tuesday."

Her poetry became the basis of her lyrics when she started playing in the New York club scene. Her career always took a backseat to caring for her daughter, Valerie Rose who was born with a severe brain injury in 1975.

"I always wanted to be the greatest woman guitarist alive," she told The Times in 1976. "I had fantasies about being a female Jimi Hendrix. I would go to his concerts and watch all the things he did. But I guess I just wasn't meant to be a superstar guitarist."

I saw Phoebe Snow at the Enmore Theatre (Sydney) at her one and only concert performance in Australia. It was around the end of the 1980s and nothing would have kept me away. I remember saying to a good mate before the concert that I hoped she didn't do all her slow stuff. I need't have worried, she ripped it and I couldn't stop dancing in the aisle.  For mine, 'Second Childhood' is her best album.

I'm deeply saddened at this news, God Bless.

Michael Stern Hart

8 Mar 1947- 6 Sep 2011

The inventor of the eBook and founder of the Gutenburg Project has died in his home in Urbana, Illinois aged 64.  Hart was an ardent technologist and futurist. 

One of his favorite recent quotes, credited to George Bernard Shaw, is characteristic of his approach to life: 
"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.  Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves.  All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people."

Michael Hart (left) and Gregory Newby
of Project Gutenberg at HOPE Conference, 2006

Etta James
born Jamesetta Hawkins

25 Jan 1938 – 20 Jan 2012

Soul icon, Etta James dies at 73.
Honouring Etta James: 7 Famous Covers of 'At Last'

Etta's obituary in the UK Guardian

19 April, 2012

The Band's Levon Helm, 'Last Waltz' at 71

In a statement on his website, Dylan said: "He was my bosom buddy friend to the end, one of the last true great spirits of my or any other generation."

Levon Helm, singer and drummer for the Band, died on April 19th in New York.

Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel
and Rick Danko of The Band pose for a group portrait in London in June 1971

'We'd hardly heard of Bob Dylan but somehow he'd heard of us.'...The Band's Levon Helm in 1968.

Following the death of Levon Helm, drummer and sometime lead vocalist with the Band,
read an interview with the group by Al Aronowitz, first published in Rolling Stone magazine
in August 1968, and made available now courtesy of Rock's Backpages – the world's
leading archive of vintage music journalism  Continue reading...

Listen to Levon Helm's Finest Moments: From 'The Weight' to 'Atlantic City'

The Last Waltz  was a concert by the The Band, held on
American Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976, at
Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The Last Waltz
was advertised as The Band's
"farewell concert appearance".

17 July, 2012 

Deep Purple's Jon Lord dies at 71

English rocker, Jon Lord, founded Deep Purple and co-wrote most of their songs.

I saw 'Purple' at the Sydney Showground, circa 1970/71. On the same bill were 'Free'
who I'd actually gone to see in preference to Purple, the 'Mixtures' (remember the
Pushbike Song) and Jeff St John (Teach me how to Fly). I remember the ABC camera's
there as they were at all the great concerts I went to in that era including Led Zeppelin
and Credence Clearwater.

Concerts in the modern era don't hold a candle to the way we did them.

I'm saddened by this news, God Bless.