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Library Diploma students are required to complete three months of Industry Placement in an assigned library.  

I was placed with Sydney University Press.  They are a small digital publishing unit for Sydney University and located in the Fisher Library among the impressive sandstone buildings of the original campus. 

I met interesting people in the leafy 'Chancellor's Garden' that was an excellent spot for lunch.  One day, I started chatting to a wonderful old man about the rare eucalypt trees and  ancient figs in the garden.  He turned out to be an Emeritus Professor and praised the staff at the Fisher but I won't tell you what he said about the Law Library. 

I would like to thank the brilliant Miss Agata and Editor Extraordinaire at the Press for the generous amount of time and patience she spent on my supervision.  I learnt a lot about the nuances of using em and en dashes:).  I would also like to thank Susan who agreed to accepting me for placement.  Greg was a sweetie too.  In all, I couldn't have asked for a better crew or a better placement.  

Agata was always concerned that what I was doing wasn't 'library' enough.  My main duties centred around editing, proofreading and type setting.  I had two 'Workplace Assessment Tasks' to prepare and demonstrate to my Tafe Supervisor, Marian Calvert.  Again, thanks to Marian who made me feel so relaxed during these exams that were actually pleasant visits.      

I prepared four reports based on my Placement Library for assessment and kept an Industry Placement 'Diary'.  Reading these reports will give a 'sense of person' that doesn't always come across in an interview.  I've posted them to Google Documents and will let you decide if my Placement at Sydney University Press was 'library enough'.

Establish Effective Workplace Relationships
OH&S Risk Management Assessment
Collection Development Report
Develop and Maintain Stakeholder Relationships

Also posted to Slideshare:

My Industry Placement Diary

My duties at Sydney University Press

this was my second workplace task that was assessed by Marian

I had to find out more about the Chancellor I was having lunch with every day:

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23 June 2011

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